Sponsor Charlie Bewley’s Ultramarathon Run on May 6th and support Fuck Cancer
for your chance to win a private screening for you and 20 of your friends to
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two, before general release in theaters.

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It's about that time of year....

On May 6th 2012, Charlie Bewley will be attempting a second Ultramarathon in memory of Jocelyn Clarke and in support of Fuck Cancer. The feat will take place in sync with the all-new BMO Vancouver Full and Half-Marathons. http://www.bmovanmarathon.ca/

In support of this challenge, Summit Entertainment have once again kindly donated the wonderful prize of a private screening of the final installment of the Twilight Saga: "Breaking Dawn Part Two", before its nationwide theatrical release, to one lucky winner and 20 of their friends*. For every dollar sponsored, you will receive one ticket in the draw to win this and other prizes. All funds raised will be donated to the Fuck Cancer charity, whom Jocelyn was a keen advocate.

The Ultra

Last year, through your kind donations, we raised $20,000 for The BC Cancer Foundation who helped Jocelyn throughout her battle with cancer:

"On May 1st 2011, at 4.45am I set off into the darkness - sporting some rather dubious leggings and with trance singing to my soul - along the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon course... In the dark times, when my body was screaming for me to stop, to know that I was running for someone who showed such courage and defiance in the face of her illness, was all the incentive I needed to carry on. Stamina is all in the mind, and if the stakes are high enough….

"….5 hours and 45 minutes later, I crossed the line having completed both the Half and full Marathon courses to the proud faces of my brother and sister, and friends who had come to see me. This was one of those moments in life I will never forget. I encourage everyone to push themselves past their own limits to experience true moments of wonder... I have never felt so alive."

Thank you so much to all those who donated. This is the second year Charlie will be taking on this challenge... And not one to be repetitious:

"This year - should we double last year's total donations - I promise to attempt to run the BMO Vancouver Marathon twice… Take this as writing, or a death wish."

Fuck Cancer

The cause this year is a brilliant charity that is making great strides in bringing awareness to first stage cancer diagnosis with a progressive focus on prevention:

"Fuck Cancer saves lives by teaching people how to look for cancer, instead of just finding it. We change the way society perceives cancer by challenging the stigma and the victim mentality. We shift the balance of power from the cancer to the patient, and turn “patients” into “cancer Fuckers”, fighters, and survivors.

"We change the way cancer is treated by promoting early detection. While we may not see a “cure” for cancer in our lifetimes, early detection is the surest way to prevent a lot of suffering and save a lot of lives. We can only do this through education, which is why raising awareness is just as important as raising funds."

Jocelyn Clarke

"Jocelyn and I met on a bus to an audition in North Vancouver over three years ago. To strike up a rapport with someone in that short time goes some way to explaining the magnetism Jocelyn had; brimming enthusiasm, warmth and a wonderful smile draws you in, before her colorful charisma and lust for life opens up in conversation. The next time I saw Jocelyn was on the set of “Twilight Saga: New Moon” where she was doubling Dakota Fanning. Once again, her radiance lit up the bleak and haunting Volturi Chamber. It was so nice to see her doing her thing and we chin-wagged much during the downtime. A friendship without pressures, we enjoyed each others company when it serendipitously occurred.

"In 2010, I learned Jocelyn had contracted a very rare form of lung cancer. When I finally drummed up the courage to call her, all the pain, fear and strength she was experiencing was vividly and viscerally translated to me through our long conversation; one that will stay with me forever. Though empathy, in these circumstances, is null and void. Jocelyn passed away on February 13th 2011, aged just 36. To say that she 'lost her battle with cancer' would do a huge disservice to the incredible strength she showed during the course of her treatment. Jocelyn kept us all informed of her fight through her very frank and honest daily Facebook updates; it was raw and real.

"There are very few people who allow you such unguarded access to their soul upon first encounter. She was a pure one, and was meant for higher realms. To that extent, Jocelyn will always hold a place in me and I am thrilled to be able to run in her name."

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*Please note this prize is only available to those donating in North America.

When the draw is made, one lucky sausage will win the prize of a private advance showing of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 at a venue local to them. The winner will also receive invitations for 20 of their friends plus other goodies, TBD. Charlie will endeavor (as he always says!) to make an appearance at the showing as a thank you for your support.